Mega Aktiva: Jurnal Ekonomi dan Manajemen

Mega Aktiva: Economy and Management Journal of ISSN 2086-1974 (Print) and  ISSN 2654-5780 (Online) is a peer-review journal which published by Islamic Economy and Business Faculty of  Muhammadiyah University of Kendari, as well as published twice a year, namely on April and August each year.

Mega Aktiva: Economy and Management Journal calls for a research article (prioritized) and conceptual articles in relation to economy and management issues. It is suggested to read and understand the writing and submission guidelines. Therefore, any author who wants to submit an article to Mega Aktiva: Economy and Management Journal is required to comply the terms. The editorial boards will only accept any articles which have been written according to the guidelines. Thus, any articles which do not meet the requirements will be automatically rejected prior to being reviewed.

Mega Aktiva: Economy and Management Journal has been accredited by SINTA 4 on 08th August 2019


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Vol 11, No 2 (2022): Agustus 2022

Table of Contents


Arfin Bagea, Mahmudin A Sabilalo, Asran porogonti
Ami Nurhayati, Baheri Baheri, Wahyuni Rahmah, Yulianti Yusuf
Yohanes Boni
Rafiqah Rizqy S Ingratubun, Agus Aprianti
Reny Andriyanty, Adib Fathin Haritsah, Delila Rambe
Alfian Bagas Ferdiansyah, Rido Parulian Panjaitan